Collaborating on tasks

Task IDs

Each task is given a unique ID that starts with the first letter of your board name. These task Ids can be used to quickly find a task and share them with colleagues for faster resolutions.


You can share tasks with your collaborators by adding their email IDs to the Share option and hitting "invite".

Watch task

Not a part of the task as an assigner or assignee but still want to know when its status changes or modifications are made? Click on Watch task and get notified when changes are made to it.

Upvote a task

You can add your approval to a task by upvoting it. The number of people upvoting a task will show up on the task card on the board, so you're always aware of how many approve of it. This feature is perfect to create roadmaps!

Assigned to

Add an assignee to your task. On adding a responsible party, they will be notified of the assignment and be kept up to date with due dates and priorities.

Assign date

Add a due date or a date range to the task. The assigner and assignee will both be informed of the due date coming closer on their dashboard, and the team will also be able to see the task across the Calendar and Gantt views.

Estimated time

Assign an estimated time expected for the task to be accomplished to keep your team in the loop about planning the project further.


Add comments on your task, including being able to mention your colleagues with the "@" symbol. Everyone who can see the board will be able to follow the comments.