The Workstation dashboard

Quick notepad

Use the quick notepad space to write impromptu ideas, note down dictated wordings and numbers, or just create reminders for yourself!

Tasks recently assigned to you

Check out all the tasks that have been assigned to you recently, across all organizations you're a part of. Use the settings icon on the section to choose what orgs you'd like to be informed about to keep this area clutter-free!

Continue building on files

We'll show you a selection of files here you've been working on recently to quickly access them. Click on the view all button to go see a list of all files you've been working on.


Connect your Google account to your calendar by clicking on the My Calendar button on the top right. You can also use the Integrations option in your Settings menu to connect Google Calendars to Sketchnote. Currently, this widget will only show you your upcoming meetings you've added to your Google account, so you don't double book your appointments.

On connecting your Google Calendar to Sketchnote, you will also be able to see your scheduled appointments inside the Calendar view in any file.

Upcoming deadlines

This tab, on the right of your screen, will let you know if any of your tasks' deadlines are around the corner. Quickly access said task through the section and never miss another deadline!

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