All about Sketchnote lessons

Sketchnote is home to over a 100+ entrepreneurship lessons, created by the who's who of the business world. Learn about how you and your team can benefit by using these free lessons.

Lesson Library

The Sketchnote lesson library can be accessed from the bottom left of the screen or the lesson tab on the sidebar. The library consists of modules for every stage of a startup—from ideation to scaling and fundraising. It also has lessons for personal development and legal issues around entrepreneurship.

Sketchnote lessons

Each of Sketchnote's 100+ lessons have been handcrafted by entrepreneurs, VCs, angels and lawyers from across the world to give you the most accurate knowledge you need. The lessons consist of up to 30 cards with 60-odd words on each card. This flashcard system of learning is a surefire way to quickly absorb and retain knowledge.
Every lesson also has pop quizzes sprinkled throughout to help you actively remember and retain information you've learnt in the module. The recap cards at the end of the module summarizes the lesson deftly too!