Customize your Sketchnote profile

The Settings and members tab is where you can make changes to your own profile, as well as your organization and preferences. Bring up the options by clicking on the organization name on the top right of your screen

Profile settings

Inside the settings and members tab, you can change your avatar and screen name. Make sure your image is only up to 2MB in size when you change your avatar!


It's super easy to choose the most important sections of your Sketchnote dashboard and only access information you need quickly.

From the preferences tab, you can choose your default dashboard (Workstation or Academy). You will be brought to the dashboard of your choosing when you first log in.

In the Workstation tab you can use the toggle to show or hide sections like:

  • Continue building your files

  • Your favorite files

  • Tasks recently assigned to you

  • Sketchnote blog

  • Lo-fi chill zone, and

  • Pro tips

In the learn mode dashboard you can use the toggle to show or hide sections like:

  • Keep learning

  • Sketchnote recommendations

  • Sketchnote blog

  • Lo-fi chill zone, and

  • Pro-tips

You can also choose between listening to flashcards in the lessons or only reading them.

Notification preferences

In the preferences menu, you can choose what emails you want to receive from Sketchnote and what activity alerts you want. For emails, choose between:

  • Files you've been invited to

  • Workspaces you've been invited to

  • Organizations you've been invited to

  • Files you've been mentioned in

  • Lessons you've been mentioned in

For activity alerts, choose to get notifications:

  • When someone mentions you

  • When a file is shared with you

  • When someone invites you to collaborate

  • When someone assigns you a task


Set your personal availability hours based on your work timings. Choose anywhere between three and 12 hours to ensure your organization admins get a complete picutre of your workload when you log in your task timings.

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