Personalizing your Sketchnote experience

Have your organization's space truly reflect its ethos!

Changing the name and avatar of your Sketchnote Organization

By default, the name of your Sketchnote organization will be your first name. So, if your name's Adam, it'll be called Adam's organization. You can change it by heading to the organization drop-down on the top right of your screen, Settings and Accounts. Change the name and thumbnail quickly and save it!

Changing your Sketchnote avatar

Quickly change your display picture on Sketchnote by clicking on the organization drop down on the top right of the screen. Head to settings and click on upload photo. Make sure your file size doesn't exceed 2MB!

Customizing icons on workspaces and files

Good news! You can now use custom icons as your workspace and file indicators. For your workspace, upload an icon when you create a new one. Or hover on the workspace name and open the kebab menu (the three dots) and click on settings. Change the icon from there.
You can also change your file icons by clicking on the default icon, going to the upload tab and choosing a new icon.

Customize your notifications

In the preferences section, you can also choose to get what email and activity alerts you receive.
For emails, you can choose to get notified for:
  • Files you've been invited to
  • Workspaces you've been invited to
  • Organizations you've been invited to be a part of
  • Files you've been mentioned in, and
  • Lessons you've been mentioned in
You can also choose to get notified for :
  • Mentions
  • File shares
  • Collaboration invites, and
  • Task assignments

Customize your availability

In order to get the most accurate representation of resource allocation and employee workload, it's recommended that you choose your work hours. Use the organization drop-down menu from the top right of your screen and head to the availability tab. Choose your working hours between three and 12 hours and hit save.