Setting up your organization and adding teammates
Learning, and creating on Sketchnote is a lot more effective when you're working with your team. Here's how you can set up an organization and get your team going on the platform.

While setting up

On setting up your Sketchnote account, use the introduction screen to add email IDs of your collaborators to immediately start working together. To begin with, your organization title will be your first name. You can change it by heading to settings and change it.

Create more organizations

Sketchnote supports multiple organizations for members. You can be a part of your core team, the agencies' organizations, and more! To create a new organization, head to settings and add a new one.

Add more collaborators

To add more collaborators to your organization, head to Settings and Manage members. Add a new member to your organization and select the access level.
Tip: Use the search function in Manage members to quickly find a colleague or collaborator and their access level

Get an enterprise account

Want more out of your Sketchnote organization? Get access to priority Sketchnote support, invoices, and more with the enterprise account. Contact sales for more information.
If you're a pro or team plan member, you can easily share your workspace or creation by sending a link to your colleague or collaborator. Click on the share button on the top right of your screen and then copy private link. Note that the collaborator will need to either be a part of Sketchnote already or will need to sign up to access the page.