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Ready to start learning, and growing in the space of startups? Start your journey with lessons from Sketchnote, designed for every stage of a startup's life cycle by experienced entrepreneurs, and VC veterans from across the globe.
Lessons are the first part of modules and will give you active and passive learning experience of the topic in hand.

You can choose your first lesson from recommended modules on the dashboard and start learning. Alternatively, you can scroll through the catalogue page and look for specific lessons you have in mind too.
Tip: If you're still unsure about what to learn, check out our specially designed pathways for specific instances in a startup's life-cycle

Each lesson consists of up to 30 learn cards made up of up to 60 words. These quick cards are meant to facilitate learning and recollection of important topics.

If you prefer to listen and learn, you can choose the audio mode right in the beginning of your first lesson. In case you change your mind, you can always head to the settings and toggle between audio mode and read-only mode.

To encourage retention of information during learning, answer pop quizzes sprinkled through the lesson. Choose the correct option from the given ones to test your knowledge and get explanations.

Reinforce your lessons and learning with a quick, handy recap mode at the end of each lesson. Get the gist of the lesson at a glance, and recollect what you've learnt.

On completing each lesson β€” an on learning every dayβ€” you earn points and extend your streaks! Learn more about how you earn points and can redeem them here.
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