First steps on your Sketchnote journey
We're so glad to see you on Sketchnote! Now that you've decided to sign up, let's quickly run you through what your first steps on the platform should be.

Well, you probably know this bit, but allow us to tell you all about what you'll find on Sketchnote anyway! We're an all-in-one space for all things startups. This means that from learning to build and scale your startup, to working on the minutest tasks to actually growing it, and collaborating with your team—you can find every tool necessary to work on your startup on right here.

When you first step into the world of Sketchnote, you will be asked to sign up for the platform. You can either use your email ID to do so, or use Google. Once you're in, we will show you a small questionnaire to see what you plan to achieve from being on Sketchnote. On the last screen, you'll be able to add your collaborators and invite team members, if you want to get straight to it!

Remember the questions we asked you about your startup? These will be used to give you more focused and better recommendations on what you should be working on at this point of your startup journey. This will be on your home page. Go through modules we recommend and choose one to start learning and creating with!

Or, you could check out the Find new lesson button on the bottom-left of your screen, and explore our module catalog instead! Scroll through modules from categories such as Product development, Sales and marketing, Fundraising, Culture and operations, Strategy, Customer acquisition, Legal, and more to choose your first learning experience from!

Each expert-created, handcrafted module consists of two parts: Lessons and creations.
  • We've taken complex startup topics and broken them down into lessons of up to 30 flashcards each, consisting of not more than 50-60 words. And to help aid active learning, you'll find pop quizzes peppered through the lesson, urging you to answer questions based on what you've just learnt. Find out more about lessons here.
  • Once you've finished learning, head back to the module page and explore the creation section. Consisting of multiple tasks, each creation section will have exercises that your team can collaborate on, to build your startup brick-by-brick. Learn more about creations here.

Jumping between multiple services in order to access important documents pertaining to your startup is a headache you'd rather avoid. So, find all your docs—made via creations or custom-made—on Sketchnote! Simply click on the documents section on the left-hand side menu and find all your pages that you can access on-the-go, edit any time at all, share with your colleagues, and download. Find out everything you need to know about documents here.
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