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On Sketchnote, the more's the merrier! We believe in learning and growing as team together, and the platform has been designed for collaboration on every level. Read our quick guide on how you can add your teammates on the platform and work with them.

Sketchnote is currently in the beta testing phase and has three plans:
  • Free
  • Pro
  • Team
All three plans are free to use at the moment. For enterprise solutions (teams of 50 and above), contact our sales team.

Absolutely! You can send guest invites to your freelancers, clients, and anyone else you wish to give read-only access for your organization or workspace to. To invite a guest, click on share in the creation and type in your guest's email ID. Toggle the access to ensure read-only access to invitees.

It's easy to change your details on Sketchnote. Head on to the settings tab and browse through the sections. Through this tab you can change your display name, profile picture, email ID, organization settings, and more.

First of all, we're so thrilled you're interested in signing up for Sketchnote! Currently we're in closed beta, and have a staggered intake of users onto the platform. You can sign up for the waiting list here and keep an eye out on your inbox for that invite link! However, if you wish to speed up the process, you can follow the steps listed out on this page to jump the queue!

Absolutely not. When we tell you it takes 15 minutes to finish the lesson in our modules, it's the average time taken. You can, however, choose to pursue the lesson at your own pace. No hurry! The module will remain open for you to learn, and relearn, according to your comfort level.

Sketchnote modules—both lessons and exercises—have been designed by seasoned entrepreneurs and VCs from across the globe. Currently, Sketchnote isn't associated with universities for certification, but it is on our agenda!

Currently, Sketchnote will offer grants worth ₹25,000 each week to startups based in India only. Read more about eligibility and terms and conditions for grant applications here.

After you deactivate your account, your documents will be saved on our cloud for 30 days. If you decide to retrieve your documents after you've deactivated your account, you can contact us on [email protected]

We're sorry to see you go! You can deactivate your Sketchnote account by heading to the Settings tab and clicking on deactivate my account.
However, we'd love it if you could contact us to see if we can keep you going on Sketchnote.

No. If an admin removes a member or guest from a space, they won't be notified it. In case they try to access the link, they'll be informed that the space is locked.

Unfortunately, you will require Internet access to view lessons, listen to audio voiceovers, work on the creations, and save and access docs on Sketchnote currently.

As a free user, you will have the default 500 MB available at your disposal. For pro users, Sketchnote offers 1 GB of storage space, and for teams there's 5 GB space available.

Of course! We understand the need to create documents on the fly, and want you to use Sketchnote as the hub for all things related to your startup. Head to the docs section from the left-hand side menu. Next, find the add new button on the top right in the docs section. Click on it, and find a blank page for you to start off with.

While Sketchnote's still in closed beta, custom domain name isn't a service offered yet. Check back in a while!

Have a team of more than 50 people interested in using Sketchnote? Get in touch with our sales team!

We're so stoked that your team's interested in using Sketchnote! You can sign up for the closed beta waitlist here, and we'll get in touch as soon as slots open up!

Unfortunately, our free plan allows for only a one-member organization as of now. To collaborate with team members on the same organization, you will need to get a team plan. However, in closed beta currently, we're giving free access to teams wishing to use Sketchnote for their organization. You can get started right away by signing up for our waitlist. For an enterprise solution, contact our sales team.

A migration service for your pages on Notion, and Airtable, as well as boards from JIRA is still work in progress. Check back here in a bit!
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