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At Sketchnote, we aim to make the process of creating your perfect document, and completing creation tasks absolutely perfect โ€” just the way you want it to look. Say hello to your markdown weapons, that will make using the right tools to format your page a breeze. Here's how you can use them.
Tip: Besides using the right-hand menu to bring up your weapons, you can also add "/" to quickly bring up commands

Pick from three heading types to format your document with. Switch back to simple text once you hit enter.

Create to-do lists, bulleted lists, or numbered list whenever required.

Some more tools you can use to ensure perfectly formatted documents are:
  • Callout: Highlight only a specific section of your paragraph
  • Divider: Insert pagebreaks easily
  • Quote: Blow up a quote in style
  • Code: Ensure code formatting in your text

Sometimes just text isn't enough when you're working on a document. And to that end, you can simply add images, videos, files, or bookmarks to your documentโ€”absolutely anywhere at all!
Tip: You can also drag and drop your images, videos, and files onto your workspace!

When words and images fall short, emojis fill the void! Choose from a plethora of emojis and add them to your document between sentences, or simply as bullet pointers to drive home your point.

Get more out of your living document by adding Sketchnote's management tools like Kanban board, calendar, and tables to keep things dynamic. Within the Kanban board and calendar, add and assign tasks, as well as keep a track on your progress.

Create your own personal tasks checklist by using the tag option. Turn any set of instructions into an exercise for you and your team to finish off.

Find your documents easily by adding a hashtag to relevant ones. Want marketing documents easily? Use the tool to add a #marketing tag to your documents and bring them up by searching for them.
Tip: Simply add a # and your tag, for faster access instead of bringing up the weapons menu

Want to send kudos to your teammates' jobs, or simply want to vote on a quick poll added by a colleague? Use the reaction option to weigh in and react to what's happening on the document!
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