Learning along with teammates
A great deal of learning depends on sharing of knowledge and information. Which is why we designed Sketchnote lessons to be shared with your team, and not as a tool of isolated learning. Here are a few tips you can rope in your team (or friends) while you learn on Sketchnote:

Seen a great line you want your existing team members to read through? Select the relevant sentences and click on comment. Use the "@" sign to bring up a list of your team mates on Sketchnote or start typing their name. Hit enter when you've finished writing your message. They'll see the comment in their notifications.

A great way of sharing your learnings with friends and colleagues not on your Sketchnote organization is by sharing vital cards on your social media accounts! Every Sketchnote card can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn via the share button. Click on it and choose which platform you'd like to share it on.
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