Customizing docs
A vital part of building and growing a startup is having a blank canvas to note down your ideas and plans, as well as be able to collaborate on it with people who really matter. With Sketchnote, we take the building part, as seriously as the learning bit. With our customizable docs, you can jot down your ideas, build product specifications, pitch decks, and more with your collaborators.

Besides our pre-set, expert-crafted creations, you can start your own document easily. Head to docs from the left side panel and click on Add new on the top right. A fresh new markdown editor with 10+ block types is at your disposal. Quickly use the Share button on the top right to add collaborators, or share a private link to the doc with them to show your work, or have them contribute to it.
To learn more about how you can collaborate with your team, click here.

After finishing off all your open tasks, save your creation as a document in the doc section of Sketchnote. Easily access all your content whenever you want via the cloud. Sketchnote docs are always customizable and can be changed any time you wish to. Simply open the doc and start making changes before exporting them.

Want to save a pitch deck for family and friends but a similar one with some changes for investors? Make multiple copies of the same document you're working on and save them all on Sketchnote! Easily rename your document and even assign an emoji, so you can easily recall the assigned docs.

At Sketchnote, we understand the need for multiple iterations (this help guide has been through several!) of the same document. Practice makes perfect, after all! With your saved docs, you have the ability to download your work as PDF, multiple times, for every iteration you make!
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