Collaborating with teammates on custom docs
Being able to collaborate with teammates, freelancers, or clients is of prime importance at Sketchnote. And we've designed the collaboration feature to reflect this very smoothness. here's how you can add collaborators on your custom docs.

Mention your teammates

Make it easier to get your team's attention by using the mention feature in a jiffy. Use the "@" sign anywhere within the document, select your colleagues' names and hit enter to send them a notification.

Assign your tasks

First, you can turn any comment or block of text into a task using our task tool. Next, assign the task to your colleaguesโ€”or yourself! It's as simple as that!
Tip: Don't forget to set a start and an end date for your tasks so you can streamline workflow!

Track your tasks quickly

Toggle between the Kanban and calendar views from the top-left of your screen to view your tasks in a board on in the calendar. Quickly see the progress of the work in progress, and check out start and end dates, apart from checking out the assignees.
If you're a pro or team user, you can simply hit share on the top right of your screen and find the link sharing option. Copy the private link to your custom doc, and send it off to anyone you wish to!
Note: The link receiver will need to either be a Sketchnote user or will have to sign up to see your docs

Share your docs

Done working on your doc and want to send it off to a client or someone else outside the organization? Simply export the doc as a PDF to download it to your local machine, and send it off.