Autocompleting important documents on Sketchnote
At Sketchnote, we understand the importance of having legal documents ready for any perceivable situation ready, quickly. In order to bridge the gap between startups and legal resources, introducing autocomplete features for legal documents on Sketchnote!
Certain handpicked modules in the fundraising section of the Sketchnote catalogue come with an autocomplete feature. After you've finished the lesson section of understanding the document you will be working with, head to the creation section of the module.

On the left of your screen, you'll find questions requiring an input in terms of names or values. For example, it could ask what the name of your company, or shareholders will be. Or it could ask you what your cap value is, and you'll need to add a dollar amount value to it.
As you fill out your responses, you'll find a complete, useable legal document being generated on the right side of your screen.
Once completely generated, you can not only save your legal document to Sketchnote's docs, you can also share it by exporting it as PDF and mailing it to your team or associates. The generated documents are also fully editable, and can be re-edited at any point at all.
Tip: Always get your documents vetted by your lawyer
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